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Julie & Julia

I just saw the movie Julie and Julia. It was inspiring. It was about cooking, and blogging and marriage. Two out of the three of which I am very familiar. It was exciting to see the perils of a blogger on the widescreen… Julie, the protagonist, had to balance being transparent, yet keeping the intimate details of her marriage private. Finding discreteness on the web must be an oxy moron. Once you it publish, it’s being cached, print-screened or archived by the library of Congress.

The movie was about a real-life blog, about cooking some 500 or so Julia Child recipes in one year. The one thing I did not have in common with the movie, cooking, is something hubby loves to do, oddly enough. In fact, he is a really excellent chef. And I saw chef, because he has the technique, skill, creativity and passion I see on the Food Network. If you know me, you know how picky of an eater I am. I used to create a line of separation between my peas and corn on my plate. If any corn touched my mashed potatoes, the yellow and white mixture remained untouched and uneaten on my plate. Somehow, hubby’s creations and my taste buds have become more and more in sync. A few days ago hubby made some sort of chicken pasta, with fresh basil, cilantro, green peppers, hot peppers and host of vegetables (all mixed together), and I ate it, asked for more pepper, and then had seconds (and no, I’m not pregnant). At times, I think it would be so exciting to cook with hubby. Or better yet, I could just be his sous chef, because he’s the one with all the culinary talent.

Anyhow, loved the movie. You should see it if you have not already. I mentioned cooking and blogging, but the third topic -marriage- the one piece that I want to write more about, I will decline in doing so. You see, blogging becomes complicated when people who you do not want to read your blog read it. Julie, the girl in the movie, wanted to share the ups and downs of marriage with her readers, but she only shared the peaks and never the troughs. Part of why she did that is out of respect. I chuckled when they had an argument and her husband shouted ‘and you’d better not write about this on your blog!’ I’m sure hubby has said those identical words to me. I could identify with her, and for that, I enjoyed the film.

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2 Responses to “Julie & Julia”

  1. Mocha Dad says:

    I didn’t see this movie, but I also understand the difficulties of writing a blog about marriage and family. Although, I’m careful about choosing my content, I continue to write because I think it is important to help other married couples and fathers.

  2. thanks for the visit. I am open to writing candidly, although I must consider how this affects hubby as well…

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