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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Gadget has started taking Jiu-Jitsu. He goes three times a week, which is great, and so far hubby and I have only missed the Wednesday classes for the most part. He did a week of trial classes, and unfortunately he was not as excited about it as we had hoped. In the middle of class he asked the teacher “if it was almost done.” But, he has learned a lot from the class. Subconsciously, he is training his muscles. The other day he was running and fell, but he fell exactly how he was taught to fall in class so as to avoid injury (it’s called a break fall). After we saw this, we decided he would finish the season even though he did not want to. As I mentioned in my Gadget update, he’s got some challenges when it comes to coordination, so we know this class will give him the physical discipline and training his body will quickly retain.

Overall, we are very pleased. The boys run around on the mat before class starts, in which even the Lion can participate. The others boys in the class and the teacher are great, and the instructor’s wife and two young daughters watch the class as well. Gadget is the youngest in the class by far. The next youngest child is six, and the instructor was initially worried that Gadget would only play and not pay attention, but Gadget has pleasantly surprised the instructor. Of course, he has had a day or two where he was more focused on drinking his Gatorade during breaks, but lately he has asked when is his next class. Yay for Gadget and learning something new, and yay for hubby finding the class and getting Gadget set up in his little Jiu-Jitsu gi (we have to roll the sleeves and pant legs and we dry it on high for extra shrink).

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