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Swiffer SweeperVac’s Ultimate Test

This is my first official product review. I thought a video of the product tested by the boys was the best testimony. Where did I get this Swiffer SweeperVac? Please know that P&G provided me with the Swiffer SweeperVac, refills, information, and a Walmart gift card through MyBlogSpark.

I was scared to test out the SweeperVac, because I thought it was going to desinigrate and then I would have only bad things to say about it, but it not only cleaned up chip bits on carpet, my three year-old was able to do this! What a relief! The packaging it arrived it was super cool.

The cutest thing were the containers of cheerios, hair, crumbs and dirt for “sample spills.” I really didn’t want to make a mess to clean it, so I waited until there was dirt with some weight on it. The boys poured broken chips on the carpet, and the SweeperVac acutally picked it up. It really seems to work better on flat surfaces, like the kitchen, but the boys couldn’t resist being my “helpers!” Putting it together was so simple I don’t even remember doing it. It came with a cord for charging, so it literally becomes a wireless vacuum. Nice.

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