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The Lion

One of my best friends wrote this post, which inspired today’s post. The Lion is almost two years old and he loves his daddy. When I say this boy is daddystruck, I mean, he cries when daddy leaves his sight. He loves to touch you when he’s spending time with you, so he sits on your lap. The lap is his favorite spot for storytime. He loves to point to the objects as you read about them. His favorite books are about animals. He enjoys learning the sounds they make, and he has the best roar (hence his nickname). The Lion enjoys eating and trying new foods, or really whatever you’re having. He gives the best hugs and kisses, when he wants to. Sometimes he is very affectionate, and sometimes he gives you a very serious stare, which I believe he inherited from both sides. He does not take to new people very quickly, in fact, his immediate circle (mom, dad, brother, Marina Poppins) are the only people he’ll go to automatically.

The Lion likes cars, toy or real. When outside he says “car” each time he sees one passing. He loves being with his brother and runs around the house in search for “ma-ey.” He likes babies, and pauses to touch their picture when seeing babies in a magazine or on his box of pampers. At the park, if a baby is crying he stops and looks concerned. He cannot go back to playing until the crying baby is soothed. The Lion copies his brother and must do the same things as him. They eat together at a small table, and as soon as Gadget gets up, The Lion is right on his heels.

The Lion has great control over his body. He can copy my movements when we dance to Black Eyed Peas “One Tribe.” He tackles his brother and sits on him sometimes. He loves climbing on the furniture, and thus has mastered the art of climbing out of his crib. He is very vocal and clearly communicates his needs. He says several words and has recently started stringing two word sentences together. He learned sign language for “more” in daycare, and used it all-the-time to requests seconds during breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The Lion can sing “a,b,c” of the abc’s, and he tells me “potty” after he’s toots in his diaper. My favorite moment with him during the day is when he “holds on tight.” When I ask him to hold tight, he cups my neck with his hands and rests his forehead on my check as I squeeze him in my arms. It is the sweetest thing ever. He enjoys food so much, you can frequently find him rooting through the pantry and bringing out craisins to snack on. After a meal, he picks up everyone’s plates and puts it in the trash (paperplates) and throws his silverware in the sink. He is a very good helper. That is today’s introduction to The Lion. Gadget’s is coming soon…

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