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I wanted to give a shout out to some of the other mommy excuse me, bloggers (as one of them is a daddy) that I followed on the regular during those brief 13 weeks of pregnancy.

The first is mommyland. She defines herself by the following: “I’m a 20-something on a journey to “mommyland” – and I have finally seen those two elusive lines on a pee-stick. After eleven months and three rounds of Clomid, we are PREGNANT. Our little girl is due 7.2.10. Join me on my journey.”

Baby Makin{g} Machine

Next we’ve got Future Mama of Baby Makin Machine, who describes herself as: “I’m a career-driven wife living in Texas. I’ve been happily married for five years and am the proud parent of a 2-year-old Sharpei-mix named Snoop. Come June 2010 though, I’ll have human Spawn of my own!”

Mrs. Miscellaneous

Third on the list I’ve got Mrs. Miscellaneous. Her about me reads as thus: “I am a mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend, just trying to make the best of each new day that I’m given. I try to do good to others always. I am big on fairness and justice. I NEED balance and harmony in my life and will create it if it’s not already there… And if I can’t accomplish that (which is rare), I bounce. Simple. I am a Libra, what more can I say?”

Tifi (pronounced teefee)

She enthusiastically describes herself by the following: “Greetings! I’m Dee. I have four children and a weird eye condition! I love exclamation points! I was a vegetarian for a while, but that didn’t work out b/c I like bacon too much. Sorry, little piggies! I used to live in Yeehawsville, TX, but I recently moved to Civilization, Virginia. I used to be a sahm that wanted to be a wohm, now I’m a wohm that wants to be a sahm. Change is good! That’s what I’ve heard anyway… I love reading and dance. I do the former almost too much and the latter definitely not enough. I knit, sew, and bake occassionally. I’m not particularly good at any of it, but I can angle my camera well enough to make it look like I have some skills! If you want to know anymore about me, you’re going to have to subscribe or read the archives. OK, OK, I’ll give you one more nugget. I came in second place in the 3rd grade spelling bee b/c I spelled “families” f a m i l y s. I’ll never spell it wrong again, for sure!”

The Vanilla Bean

This mom-to-be keeps her profile short and sweet: “I am a 30-something mom-to-be. I am a bookbinder, and wife to my wonderful husband. I love to read, spend time with friends, and drink wine (when I’m not pregnant, of course!)”

The Walk to 40 Weeks Photoblog

And best for last is Pacing the Panic Room’s maternity series “The Walk to 40 Weeks.” It’s a photoblog photographed by an awesome dad named Ryan Marshall. He says this about himself: “Sometimes when I stare at my wife I feel so lucky I actually shine like a pot of gold. I have decided that I am going to make my living writing stories and as a working photographer, so I’m going to. For those of you that have not been reading from the start I am a husband, a Step-Father to the super awesome Littlest Buddy, and new dad to Tessa Tangerine our baby girl that arrived in June :)”

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