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11 Weeks

Written in February: It’s so strange writing in secret about this pregnancy. I’m ready to tell the world now. But I haven’t told my boss, let alone our parents. We keep trying to find the right time to tell my parents, but we’ve been having such meaty conversations it just hasn’t seemed appropriate to shove in “Oh, guess what?! You’re going to a grandparent again!” On the heels of very emotional conversations. So we’re waiting this one out. The only this is, hubby and the boys are headed to Trinidad tomorrow, and his mom doesn’t even know yet. Know what? That’s we’re coming and that we’re pregnant. Hubby wants it to be a surprise, and oh boy will it be! When we just show up at the airport and say come pick us up!

So my nine week appointment was pretty cool because the baby was still there! I say that jokingly, but after two miscarriages at 6 and 12 weeks, still being pregnant and seeing the baby’s heartbeat twice meant I could exhale. Seeing my little elephant was like seeing the positive on the pregnancy test. All the emotions and reservations I had been holding back I could release and actually except the fact that I have a baby inside me.

Fatigue just started kicking in this week. Today was a snow day, and all I’ve wanted to do is nap. At work, I have been getting super creative with ways to hide my burgeoning bump. I’ve worn sweaters, vests, and my all time favorite outfit is the “suck in.” Whenever I walk by someone’s desk, I flex those abs and hold my breath. The only problem is that this technique increases your gas production… TMI. On a good note I had my performance review. It went extremely well. I heard some good praises and quality opportunity areas for 2010. I also deemed it highly appropriate to wait until AFTER that talk to mention, hey thanks, and by the way, I’m preggo! I have worked super hard to dispel the myth that pregnany = slacker in the office. Unfortunately, due to gallbladder disease, I was MIA every two weeks during my pregnancy with Gadget, but I did work up until my water broke. Literally. At. Work. At with the Lion, I went to work 3 centimeters dilated cause nothing was really preventing me. So let’s just say I plan on being the best darn marketer until sometime in September when I’ll welcome baby number three.

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3 Responses to “11 Weeks”

  1. busybodyk says:

    Wow! You are a dependable employee!

    Why do you call the baby #3 elephant?

  2. Because I had a dream she looked like an elephant during an ultrasound, LOL!

  3. i am so happy for you!! im currently a senior about to graduate from wellesley college and i too want two boys and one girl. you just gave me joy and hope for the future, as i have not been to your blog in a while. your stomach simply brought me joy!

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