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Cardiac Activity

Written in February: Guess who’s heart is beating at 110 beats per minute? My baby elephant’s! I had a dream last night about my doctor’s appointment today, and when I looked on the monitor, I saw the outline of a baby elephant, trunk and all inside the sac. I don’t know how to interpret that dream, other than I have really weird dreams while pregnant (well, really anytime).

I tried really hard not to worry before today’s appointment, but it was hard. My midwife knows I have been very cautious, so she immediately asked me if I was feeling pregnant this week. I told her yes, since I had a few symptoms, but not as pregnant as I felt with Gadget or the Lion. She did an ultrasound, and lo and behold on the screen was one little baby elephant. I was glad there was one baby. Her head looked huge, and there was a pulsating blur where her heat was beating. Yay! She played the sound for me to hear. It sounded a wee bit slow, but I was glad to hear a beat nevertheless.

My midwife ordered a progesterone test so we could make sure the pregnancy is progressing. I should get the results tomorrow. Based on the elephant’s measurements, my midwife changed my due date. At first, I got a little freaked out. She told me the date of conception occurred in January, and not December as I thought. I immediately wondered what were the implications for the Chinese Lunar Calendar, which has been eerily accurate for both boys. When I got back to my computer, I doubled checked, and we’re still in the go for a girl.

So, my baby girl does not really look like an elephant. In fact, she looks more like an alien with her huge head right now.

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