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5 Weeks

Written in January: I had my first doctor’s appointment today. I tried not to think about it too much at work this morning. I went during lunch since it was just down the road. When I got there, I filled out the massive piles of paperwork and checked the boxes on all the diseases and surgeries I’ve had: endometriosis, check; gallbladder disease, check; asthma, check; anemia, check; alpha thalassemia, check; miscarriage, check, twice.

The nurse weighed me (128, ouch! gained six pounds already. At this rate I will definitely be having lypo and a tummy tuck when this one comes out), and took my super low blood pressure (112 over 76). I told her I had concerns because this pregnancy felt just like my previous miscarriages, and she reassured me that that didn’t mean a thing.

The midwife was prompt. I was not waiting in the room for long, and she asked me about my medical history. She shared some details of her childbirth and asked me what questions did I have. She then did an ultrasound where I saw baby for the first time. She was a little round sac, and it was waaayyyyy to early to see anything else but that. I was glad to see the evidence of the beginning of a pregnancy, but I look forward to Thursday when I get the results back from two blood tests. I took one today to determine my hormone levels. They are supposed to double every two days, so by Thursday I’ll be able to tell if things are progressing as they should. I can’t wait to see a heartbeat at the next appointment.

It’s so weird. I’ve never gotten excited about hearing the heartbeat. With Gadget, it was just another appointment, and I definitely took it for granted with the Lion. But this time it’s so different. I am so excited about the possibility of having a baby girl, that I cannot fathomed God blessing us with the chance and them swiping her away. Anyway, let’s not focus on the that. I said that I didn’t have any symptoms but today I think two started to stand out. I had dog nose when I was pregnant with Gadget. I could smell things about 100 yards away. Last night, hubby grilled some pepperoni to put on the boy’s lunch sandwiches, and it smelt like eggs. I had to open the door to let a breeze in. Today, when we got into the car to go to preschool, Gadget asked if I was driving a taxi because hubby hung an air freshener on the rearview mirror. The scent was Peachy Peach, but it smelt like the sweetness of day old B.O. I put the air freshener in the trunk. So I’ve definitely had a slight sensitivity to smell. I also had to suck in all day.

I believe its bloating and water weight, but there is definitely a pooch forming on my midsection. Tonight, Gadget asked me if my belly was squeezing out. I told him it was a baby. He asked of my chest had two babies in them as well, LOL! I told him it was his sister, and he told me to keep her.

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