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These are pictures of the boys’ last day at daycare. Gadget is pictured above with his two teachers. Two of his three best friends were at school that Friday, so I snapped a shot with Noah and Jeren of NoahJerenandCharlie. And finally, the goodbye card that I made on The outside has a picture of one of Gadget’s art pieces. Inside the card it says goodbye in a crayon font, and the back says Keep in Touch and has the vector cartoon picture of the boys (as seen in this blog’s header). I was super excited to make the cards, and got the idea from the parenting group at work. I wrote personalized thank yous to each of the boys’ teachers, including the teachers in the Lion’s previous room and the daycare director. It was bitter sweet. Gadget came home with a huge card with his classmates’ hand prints on it and a photo montage of his six months in daycare. It was super sweet and he looked at it all night. I am not sure if he fully understands that he’s not going back, in fact, the other day he asked if daycare was closed. It was a Sunday, and I told him yes. He has playdates with Jeren, and we will set some more up with Noah and Charlies, hopefully. We’ll see…

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