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Bad, bad, Mom

This week, on the way to preschool the Lion throws up in his carseat. Or was it really vomit? It was clear, and just a little bit. I pulled over and made sure he was okay, and some more “spit up” comes out. He feels fine, he’s acting fine, so I continue on to preschool. My friend is in the parking lot, and I ask her what would she do if she weren’t a SAHM mom and was heading to work. She pointed out that at his age, kids throw up all the time and it doesn’t necessarily mean they are sick. In fact, she said her son used to shove his fist down his throat for fun. She said it was kind of a bulimic phase. Somehow this was comforting to me. I agreed that this could just be a fluke (instead of puke, LOL), and mentioned that he swallowed toothpaste on an empty stomach and that he really is probably fine.

Deep down I truly felt that he was fine. I popped open the trunk and grabbed a few wipes to clean off his jacket. In fact, as we were coming in the door of the school, I took off both boys’ jackets so it wouldn’t look suspicious that the Lion didn’t have on his jacket. After getting their breakfasts set up, I tried to squeeze-hug the Lion a little extra in order to feel his head for a fever without the teacher noticing.

Back in the car, I felt so guilty for leaving him. What if he really was sick? But what if he is fine? I called hubby and asked if the Lion ate anything funny that morning, and when hubby asked, “Why?” I knew something was up. I told him about the spit-up slash vomit episode that occurred in the car, and he said, “Well, his sleeper was wet on the foot.” I’m thinking, wet like he-threw-up-on-himself-in-the-crib-wet? Or wet like it’s-just-some-excessive-drool-wet? After we pieced together our stories from the morning, we decide to call the daycare and ask them to check the Lion for a fever. It was time to reveal the potential sickness.

Before hubby can call me back, I see the daycare’s number flash on the caller ID. Confirmed. The Lion has just shared his digested breakfast with the floor. Twice. By the time I get there, he has soiled the outfit he came in, his backup clothes, and pair of Gaget’s back up clothes. He’s wearing a sweatshirt around his waste. The teacher said when she went to put it on him, he reached up with his arms because clearly shirts don’t go on your legs. This was great for me, because several people in the pediatrician waiting room starred at me with the “bad mom” expression on their face. Clearly, I was a crazy mom for dressing my child without pants in the dead of winter.

We see the doctor who confirms it’s a stomach virus. I stop at the gas station on the way home and grab the queasy stomach deluxe: saltines and Gatorade. Miraculously, the Lion doesn’t throw up once after we get home, but the super exciting part is that he has to stay home for another 24 hours, per daycare health rules. Yippy for me! I had done absolutely no work carting him around all day. I asked hubby if I can pick him up a tad early so that I can swing by work that evening.

As I’m pulling into his horseshoe shaped work entrance, I misjudge the curb and voila! $1195 dollars worth of car damage. In fact, the car stalls as the check engine light comes on. We had to tow the car to the dealer. I managed to flatten a tire, dent a rim, separate the washer tank fitting and ruin the turbo. The highlight of the night was the tow truck driver giving me a ride home. Hubby took the boys in a taxi. Thankfully, the service department was still open, so I was able to give the details of the incident and get the appointment all set up. The silver lining in the story is that we filed a claim with our super awesome USAA insurance. I called, and fifteen minutes later an auditor was on her way to the shop and a rental car was booked for us. Yay! The worst part of the story was that as I was carpooling to work with my girlfriend the next day, I must have dusted some accident pixies on her because we hit a patch of ice and slid slowly into a skidded car in the parking lot. What a day! She cracked her brand new beamer.

We used my job’s back up childcare for the first time, and I was thoroughly impressed. I left too early and came home too late to meet the woman, but for $120 we were able to secure the same caregiver to provide for two children for three days. And, when I came home the house looked cleaner. At the end of it all, I feel very blessed that no one was hurt, the Lion is now healthy and we could afford the awesome auto insurance, health insurance, and extra childcare. I kept my cool while everything was going down, and that through was His peace.

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4 Responses to “Bad, bad, Mom”

  1. Honeysmoke says:

    my goodness. glad everyone is okay.

  2. Dee says:

    You are indeed blessed. And I *love* USAA. We have it, too.

  3. Who in your family is military?

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