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Futbol Friends

We took the boys to the Sono Field House on Saturday. One of Gadget’s friends from preschool plays in the Little Kickers league and we thought we’d check it out. Gadget took a class with hubby two seasons ago, and I think he could use some hand eye coordination drills. The environment was very athletic. All the kids had on their sports gear, and the parents were rooting on children from ages eighteen months and up.

I am fairly competitive, but I did hear a dad yelling to his three year-old, “Let’s see some D, Jake! Where’s your defense?!!” I was a little taken a-back, I mean the kid is three! I don’t think I will be putting any competitive pressure on Gadget right now. I’d like for him to learn the game, meet some friends and have fun. Hopefully, he will walk away with enhanced coordination and an appreciation for team sports.

The Lion loved the field house. He ran around the mesh fence and tried to sneak into a few games. It was clean and big and fresh. I’m super excited Gadget’s friend is already in the class, so I can have real adult conversation with other moms while while the class goes on. I’ll keep you posted if we enroll Gadget.

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