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Extended Family

The boys play grandparents came over this weekend. In fact, they come over every few weeks and we have a good ole time. This weekend we took the boys to the park, ate some Caribbean food, and then played Phase 10 while the kids napped. We had a great time and look forward to it every month. Their son went to Georgia Tech with us, but we never imagined we’d become best friends with his parents!

I was joking at work today that I hang out with seventy year-olds on the weekend, (which is not a knock at all – my dad is quickly approaching that number), and we truly enjoy their company. It’s hard to find other couples to fellowship with. Especially, other couples that have children and can have meaningful conversations about life, family, values, education and more! We enjoy their wisdom, their perspective and most of all their company. We feel truly supported and that is awesome.

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  1. Auntie Niki says:

    We all had such a good time. I love this picture. Jim actually looks like me for a change.

    Auntie Niki

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