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Pepsi Refresh Project

I work for a company that is combining philanthropy and brand marketing through the Pepsi Refresh Project. Pepsi is giving away millions in grants each month to fund great ideas. How are they doing this in this economic climate? The company has taken the millions of dollars usually spent on Pepsi Superbowl adds, and is now granting millions of dollars to individuals, non-profits and pro-social businesses. Ideas that can make a positive impact in the community are being awarded, so submit your idea in one of the six grant categories defined above.

You are being charged to Submit, Promote and Vote! Any legal US resident can submit ideas, even me, an employee! Of course, I am applying for a grant, and I’ll share those details soon. Submit your ideas starting today. Promote your idea on using your social media presence or good old fashioned word of mouth. Vote starting February 1st, and you can vote everyday of the month. This cycle will occur EVERY month! Grant buckets are the following: $5000, $25,000, $50,000 & $250,000, and up to ten awardees willl be named each month for the first three grant buckets. Get started on your idea today. Download your grant toolkit as well, or if you have more questions see the FAQ.

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