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Welcome to 2010! From my 100 Life Goals, I have chosen a group to work on and and an even smaller group I hope to complete. I am not sure how many I will actually cross off the list as done, but here are the goals I aspire to begin and/or continue, and hopefully complete in 2010. As I complete these goals I will keep you posted.

1. Support breastfeeding by developing
2. Publish a family annual report (with balance sheets and all!)
3. Compete on the Amazing Race with hubby
4. Take Pilates, jazz & African dance classes every year
5. Maintain a healthy BMI (18.5-24.9)
6. Go natural (my hair, that is)
7. Support the Dual-Degree Engineering Program with an annual Victor scholarship
8. Reunite with estranged relatives
9. Attend a marriage retreat in Colorado – well, really just have a couples Bible Study for now
10. Design a Family Coat of Arms
11. Publish a family tree that can be passed down
12. Volunteer with my children annually
13. Take family to MN state fair

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