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The Lion, The Tiger, The Elephant and the Giraffe

Around our home it is very common to hear us refer to my second born as “The Lion,” and that is why it is his new internet name. It fits him for so many reasons. They are some of the largest patherines in the world, they are alpha-predators, and extremely vulnerable. The Lion’s physical characteristics, like the strength of its jaw, powerful legs, and hunting and diet manners are cornerstones of The Lion. And similarly, my son goes after easy prey, such as his brother’s meal, and attacks leaving only crumbs behind. Some lions rely on cooperative hunting, and our Lion is a pro at tugging and motioning for mommy and daddy to assist him in getting the exact meal he desires.

The most noticeable comparison is the form of communication. Wikipedia describes my son so accurately:

[The Lion’s] repertoire of vocalizations is also large; variations in intensity and pitch, rather than discrete signals, appear central to communication. Lion sounds include snarling, purring, hissing, coughing, miaowing, woofing and roaring. Lions tend to roar in a very characteristic manner, starting with a few deep, long roars that trail off into a series of shorter ones. They most often roar at night; the sound, which can be heard from a distance of five miles, is used to advertise the animal’s presence. Lions have the loudest roar of any big cat.

Our Lion’s roar is so loud we have confirmed the neighbors can hear it. His daycare teachers comment when they hear less of it during the day. He definitely roars most at night, echoing his distinctive and unique sounds throughout our home, waking us up. His roar is almost like a grunt, and it signals the need for food, for his binky, to put on his shoes when it’s time to go, you name it. It’s especially loud when out in public. We enjoy the look on people’s faces when they first hear our Lion’s roar.

The idea of calling him The Lion came from his older brother, who upon playing with one of our favorite wedding gifts, a four piece napkin holder set adorned with safari animal figurines, named each of us the appropriate animal. I am the Giraffe and daddy is the Elephant. So fitting.

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