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Morning Hustle

I am well into a groove now. This morning was a textbook execution of the morning hustle. I awoke at 5:55AM and got out of bed the first time iPhone alarm went off. No snooze button, no iPhoning in the bed, straight into the bathroom.

I checked email, facebook, twitter, two blogs and played two games of Airline Conqueror (I got a high score of 194!) while flushing the system. I washed my hands, and hopped into the shower. After bathing, I flossed, brushed my teeth, washed my face, put on deodorant, lotion and aloe vera on my face. I removed my scarf and brushed my hair and then got dressed. I only tried on two outfits before going with jeans, a cream scoop neck and a green tweed jacket.

I opened the stroller, placed the pre-packed lunch bags into a huge reusable Whole Foods bag, put two frozen blueberry waffles into a plastic sandwich bag, put two fruit and yogurt twists and two apple juice boxes into the bag for the boys’ breakfast.

At 6:59 I headed into the boys’ room and climbed into bed with Gadget. He opened his eyes and said he was cold and put his arms and legs over mine. He asked me to tell him the story from the movie (Up) so I repeated an abbreviated version of the storyline and asked him if he needed to go potty. “Nope.” I told him I had a surprise, and that we were going to the dentist today, yay!!

I compromised and asked him to come brush his teeth and wash his hands (which were covered in green from coloring the Christmas card he received from his grandpa Earl). The Lion woke up and started screaming because no one was in the room. I came in and he demanded I picked up his binky off the floor. I picked him up out of the crib and let him crawl underneath to find it.

The Lion joined us in the bathroom and we brushed teeth, oiled and combed hair. Unfortunately, I started this post last Friday, and now since I can barely remember what happened this morning, I will have to substitute the rest of Friday’s morning hustle with today’s.

Sometime last night, Gadget crawled into our bed, so this morning I gathered his preschool clothes and tried to dress him as much as possible while he was still asleep. I was super glad I found matching socks for both boys! I went back into the boys’ room and dressed the Lion (who thank God did not have poopy diaper). We put on jackets, shoes, and hats. I strapped the Lion in the stroller, threw some green toys into our big WF bag (today is green show and tell day), and headed for the elevator. We made it out the house!!!!!

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