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Curly Hair Update

It’s been over fourteen weeks since my last perm. I have been managing okay with my new transition. For those of you just joining spelhouseLove, I announced that I am going natural a few weeks ago.

I have only worn three styles in the past month, the roller set/blow out, the bun, and a curly look that I received several compliments on but totally hated. I have also been reading a lot of Curly Nikki which encourages me to keep going. I love the stories of transition. I am really torn between cutting my hair and transitioning for a year or so. I am sure that if DH didn’t object (which he does) to me cutting off all my perm, I would have done it by now. I respect that he doesn’t want to me to cut it because I know he is not attached to my length. When we met my hair was super short, so it’s more of a style thing for him. He’s worried that I don’t realize how much work will be required if I no longer have a perm.

I have been getting my hair done weekly at a Dominican salon in Stamford. It works for me because it’s affordable, and I can go at 2:30 on a Sunday. They set my hair and then blow out the roots. I’m sure this is a terrible thing to do, but what other options do I have? I am not blessed with an ounce of “hair doing” skills, so if anyone is going to suggest how I can do it’

I have a consultation at a salon in the city in December. This hairdresser is supposed to advise me on the best way to transition. I am excited, but hope she doesn’t tell me to stop straightening my natural hair, because I like how it looks straight right now. I get excited when I feel my new growth, though. It’s so thick and curly, I can’t wait until my whole head feels the same way. In my head, the natural hair is so long, but I know in reality it’s probably only a inch of hair.

I purchased a few products and used them when I washed my hair a few weeks ago. I co-washed with Apogee products. Also, I bought some Moroccan oil which I have not tried yet. I am in no way a product junkie. I like to find products that work and stick with them. The interesting thing though, is that I have no idea what works with my natural texture. I am super stoked to finally be doing this for real, but I have no idea how I am going to style my hair after my BC. I love how really long hair looks in twist-outs or twist-n-curls or curly ‘fros. I love how lightly blown hair looks in a french twist, or in one big cornrow. I can’t wait to be 100% me as far as my mane is concerned.

One of my main concerns was how I was going to be received at work. Now that I’ve been working for a few months, I am not self-critical or concerned with other colleagues’ opinions about my hair. I am glad that I feel this way. I hope my confidence continues to grow as I continue to transition.

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2 Responses to “Curly Hair Update”

  1. Kanika says:

    I encourage you to keep going!! It’ll all be worth it in the end. Now, I’ve been natural since June of this year (so for about 5 months) and did the BC in September. I now have braids to help with the transition. I’m not gonna lie to you though….the transitioning part for me, I was only able to do for about a week, then I did the BC. I couldn’t find ways to style and was getting frustrated. BUT, friends of mine are going through the transition process and they are tempted to break down every now and then and wonder if it’s worth it….and believe me, you’ll be so happy with the end result. That’s what people who are natural keep telling me and it has encouraged me to keep pushing. So….keep going!!! 🙂

  2. busybodyk says:

    I transitioned for about 10 months. I switched between twist outs and braids. Check out my fotki: Good luck!

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