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Stroller Hunt

Today I decided it was our last day using the Maclaren. On the heels of the million stroller recall, I decided I would discontinue it’s use. I briefly searched the internet for advice, and I quickly came across Let’s Go Strolling which gave me a free stroller consultation. I have landed on the UPPAbaby GLite. I am in search to try it out in person and see how it moves. We had no luck at Bed, Bath and Beyond tonight. The GLite is cheaper than the Maclaren and weighs less, so I hope finding a replacement umbrella stroller does not occupy any more time that it already has.

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  1. Liz says:

    Hi there! I recently found our blog and just thought I would mention something about the whole Maclaren recall debacle (I’ve worked in the baby gear stores for a few years):

    The issue with the Maclaren strollers is that the hinge in the frame where it folds is a very easy place for little ones to stick there finger, causing injury. This danger is apparent in ALL umbrella strollers because they all fold the same way. You would run the same risk with a GLite, an Jeep umbrella stroller, or even a $20 one from Target. Maclaren is the first company to address this safety hazard and have created fabric covers that attach to the stroller, protecting little fingers from the hinges. Once those covers are installed (I’ve done quite a few for customers- it only takes about 5 minutes) it is then totally safe to continue using.

    That being said, if you don’t really WANT to buy a new stroller, you can easily fix the issue by submitting your info to Maclaren to receive a hinge cover kit. If you are looking for a snazzy new ride regardless, then have fun on your stroller search! Uppa Baby is a great company based out of MA (I’m from Boston). I particularly like the GLuxe over the GLite because you can recline the seat, so if your little guys often nap in the stroller, I think its a big plus!

    I hope that little bit of info helps.

    All the best,

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