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100 Life Goals Dashboard

A few weeks ago I launched an addendum section, my 100 Life Goals Dashboard. I created this dashboard to keep me publicly accountable for the 100 goals I wrote on this blog. I also created a little gauge widget and placed it in the sidebar so you can view my progress. I am 4% complete with my 100 Life Goals, only 96 more goals to complete!

As an introduction to the dashboard, I thought I would explain how I completed the four goals, and where I am with the rest that are in progress.

Completed Goals:

Goal #52. Play the didgeridoo in Australia
In January, hubby and I took a three week course in Melbourne, Australia. I was able to pick up a miniature didgeridoo and pretend to play it, so I think this may be as close as I come to completing goal 52.

Goal #55. Maintain a healthy BMI (18.5-24.9)
My current BMI is 20.9.

Goal #82. Remain consumer-debt free
Hubby and I currently have no consumer debt (just student loans) and we’d like to keep it that way.

Goal #97. Market a $1B product
I am currently the brand manager of a trademark that grosses a lot of money!

My in-progress goals are as follows:

Goal #13. Decorate our home together
I have currently saved $2000.46 towards our next home down-payment.

Goal #23. Publish a family annual report (with balance sheets and all!)
I have written the outline for our first ever Victor annual report.

Goal #25. Support the Dual-Degree Engineering Program with an annual Victor scholarship
I set up a monthly draft to place a few dollars into an account for the DDEP. I should email someone in their office and let them know…

Goal #53. Compete on the amazing race with hubby
Show contestants are required to be United States citizens. Hubby has his citizenship interview next week! Although, I should add this is not the main reason he decided to have joint citizenship.

Goal #69. Send in the last payment on my student loans
Starting on November 16 my first payment is due for my MBA… Can’t wait until I send in the last payment.

Goal #70. Be disciplined to save $175K
I have saved $2000 towards this goal.

Goal #75. Learn Adobe flash
Purchased Adobe Design Premium CS4. Now I just need to find a class….

Goal #87. Support breastfeeding legislation by developing lactivism.com
I have purchased the domain name through sedo.com. I have also written the scope of work and found an interactive agency to implement it, just need the funds now (about $6000).

Goal #88. Write a business plan
I have performed my industry research and found a template I like.

Goal #99. Have monthly blog pageviews of +100K
I currently have about 2500 pageviews a month.

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