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No Halloween

A dear friend of mine began a discussion on facebook about what to do on October 31 this year. Hubby and I have never celebrated Halloween with the boys because we believe the principles of the holiday center around satanic celebration. In fact, I took the boys out of daycare this past Friday so that they would not feel pressure to dress up and participate in the costume parade at school.

How have you handled the topic or plan to handle the topic if it is even a topic at all? Did you allow trick or treating? Do/did you allow your child to dress up but not trick or treat? How do/did you explain it? Did you take your children to a church event with similar activities? I would love your feedback/thoughts!

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  1. Elyse says:

    Although I’ve never explained it (I probably should), when Halloween comes around each year, I simply tell the boys we don’t do Halloween. They had already had a Hallelujah night at their afterschool care program, so that was enough for me. We were supposed to go to Family Fun Night at our church, but this preggo mama was too tired to even venture out with daddy on my side. They even had a costume parade at their school, and had casually mentioned buying costumes. It turned out not to be such a big deal, which was a blessing. Glad it didn’t cause any heartbreak!

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