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Going Curly

Soooo, I want went to see the movie Good Hair. I thought the movie was good, but left out a huge chunk of hair styles: naturally textured hair. The movie went into detail about perms and weaves (did you know that weaves are shaved off women’s heads in India and then sacrificed to God), but there was no praise or education about women who choose not to perm or mask their hair.

Ever since the Lion turned about three months my hair has not been the same. It started shedding, and at first I thought it was breakage. I soon realized these hairs were coming out at the root. Well, I thought, this is clearly hormones having their way. It continued to accelerate for a two month period. I thought it was my punishment for introducing formula so early to the Lion. As I produced less and less milk, I saw bigger and bigger clumps of hair in my comb, and on my pillow and all over the bathroom floor. Hair shedding is scary, really scary for me. Around January it began to ease up, but it never really stopped.

I continued to perm my hair every 10 weeks. When the summer rolled around I went from early May until mid-August sans chemicals. I was working out and swimming and had no one to impress. When the summer ended and it was time for me to re-enter corporate America, I just did not feel like my hair looked professional, so I caved in and permed it. I regret this decision, because it was a new salon for me. I was looking for a place to get my hair done in Stamford, and I had a recommendation for this particular salon. The hairdresser ran the perm through my ends and left it on for waaayyyyyyy too long. Here’s where the story gets even dumber. I went back to the salon two weeks later, and when she realized the perm had not taken very well, she permed my ENTIRE head all over again. Now, you may be asking, why did I go back? Why did I allow this? etc, etc. I don’t know. I don’t know why I didn’t speak up. I think I was truly afraid of being left to deal with my hair myself, so I preferred to let someone else ruin it, as long as it looked decent at the time.

Oh the consequences of such naivety. August was the last time I got a perm, and Lord-willing my last perm ever. I am officially going natural. I am going to grow out my relaxer over the next year or so, and then do the big chop. I also plan to see an expert dermatologist about the shedding, but between the hormones and horrible haircare, I’m sure I already have the answer and cause for the extreme shedding. Two weeks ago I cut off several inches. I figured if I cut it twice a month it will help the transition. I am surrounding myself with supporters and have started reading curly blogs such as Curly Nikki. I also believe this a great decision because if we ever have girl I am not going to perm her hair, and I wanted to be able to lead by example.

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10 Responses to “Going Curly”

  1. busybodyk says:

    I saw Good Hair and I totally agree. I was disappointed that they left out us natural beauties. I’ve been natural for about 4 years and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. I LOVE my hair! I could never say that before. Enjoy the journey!

  2. Tameika says:

    I look forward to hearing more “peeks” on your hair transition. All the best to you!

  3. MacMama says:

    Here’s another good Web site for naturally curly hair – http://www.naturallycurly.com/. Good luck!

  4. Kanika says:

    Hey Jolawn! Congrats on the natural hair journey! Wanted to add another website to your list…..blackgirllonghair.blogspot.com/

    I have looked at this website (along with Curly Nikki, naturallycurly.com and SO many more that I can’t even name now). But I congratulate you on your journey…keep it up! You won’t be disappointed! 🙂

  5. Thank you for the congrats and another resource. How has blogging been going? I’ve all your posts 🙂

  6. Thank you so much for the resource. Someone also told me about blackhairmedia.com. Is that a good one, too?

  7. I look forward to sharing peeks as well!

  8. What was your transition like? When did you do your BC?

  9. Tara says:

    I started to go natural while I was pregnant with my son. I figured if I was trying to get all these natural products for him and using only organic skincare then why would I be perming my hair? I chopped it over during my maternity leave and just rocked a short fro for a few months. When it came time to go back to work, I panicked a little, because when I left, I had long straight hair sitting well past my shoulders. Now I looked all militant. LOL.

    But I do agree with your last point. I didn’t think I could convincingly say to my daughter that she should love herself the way she is naturally if I was running to the salon every 6 to 8 weeks to alter my natural hair texture. Didn’t seem right…

    Love to hear more about your transition!

  10. […] managing okay with my new transition. For those of you just joining spelhouseLove, I announced that I am going natural a few weeks […]

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