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October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Aside: I am aware it is no longer October. The past few weeks slowed down my blogging, but I’m back again!

After writing my 100 life goals, I was able to clearly see where the gaps were in my life that shouldn’t be there. The gaps were like groundhog burrows all over a beautiful prairie, annoying and empty tunnels running from one random place to another, but most of all disruptive. In order to accomplish these 100 goals, some things needed to immediately change. For example, hubby and I would like to give the Atlanta University Center’s Dual-Degree Engineering Program an annual scholarship. Cash does not appear overnight, thus we set up a savings account specifically for this goal that drafts a few bucks per pay cycle into the account, so that, Viola! The full amount will be there when we’re good and ready.

So, one of my goals is to volunteer every year with the family. This has got my brain spinning around all the different ways I can volunteer, and I started looking up the various run/walk events taking place, but none really resonated with me. Another goal of mine is to help mothers globally, and unfortunately this is a really vague and ambiguous goal because I have no idea how I am going to do this. And then, I saw the piece about domestic violence awareness month in last month’s O magazine, and I thought, that’s it! The article mentioned how people can volunteer at shelters. Now, I doubt that it’s something that the whole family can do, but possibly something I can do with the boys.

So, I called the national hotline. That simple sentence was much harder to do than I imagined. I got all nervous and jittery while the phone was ringing. I imagined a young female answering the phone and not believing me that I wanted to volunteer and thinking that I was lying and trying to cover up abuse and sneak my way to the shelter.

Well, these shelters are really discrete. So much so, that no one at the local shelter ever answered the phone. I was able to speak with a national representative to get the nearby office contact information, but no one answers the phone. I was hoping that by the time I wrote this post I would have volunteered by now. I will write an update as soon as someone answers the phone.

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