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“R” is for Revenue

You know you’re married to a banker when you over hear your DH tell your three year-old “R” is for revenue as he teaches the alphabet. I went to Toys ‘R Us this weekend with the original intent on buying disposable changing pad covers, and I left with $300 worth of crap. Well, not all crap. I did get foam alphabet letters for Gadget because the alphabet has been a little challenge for him, but the $7.99 sippy cups that said the Lion’s first and middle name were definitely filed under the crap category.

When we got home, I excitedly opened the foam letter puzzle and pieced together twenty-six letters and ten numbers to create a nice looking floor mat. When hubby got home, he took AJ (my nickname for Gadget) through each letter. Gadget traced it, and hubby gave him three words that begin with each letter.

When the two of them got to “R,” hubby said, “R” is for revenue! All of the other letters had words such as animals, or foods or the name’s of loved ones in Gadget’s life, but revenue! Really, babe?!

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