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Social Media Demystified

What exactly is social media? I know it’s more than just facebook and twitter. Right? What about StumbleUpon, Magnolia, Newsvine and Orkut? There are so many websites and tools people are calling social media, so I thought I would do a little explaining.

Social Networking
We are all familiar with Facebook, and perhaps even the original, MySpace, but there is also Hi5, Gather, Plaxo, Orkut and Multiply. Each social network is positioned slightly differently to attract a different audience.

Bookmarking includes sites like Delicious, Digg, Reddit, as well as Blogmarks, Blinklist, the no longer existent Ma.gnolia,, Linkroll and StumbleUpon.

Microblogging is a relatively small group, but the number of users on sites like Twitter and now, Yammer are growing (now plateauing) at incredible speeds.

Eventing includes sites like Evite, Invite-O-Matic, Meet Up, Socializr, and Upcoming.

Blogging includes podcasting and content management software such as Tumblr, Typepad, Video Blogs, Drupal, Joomla, Movable Type, Blogger and WordPress.

Domain Specific
Domain specific media includes Amazon for books, Netflix and for movies, iLike, LaLa,, Pandora and imeem for music. citysearch and Yelp for local information, for finance, and Skype for communication.

Feeding sites include those like FriendFeed, SlideShare, Feedburner, and other widgets and RSS.

Photo Sharing
Flickr is extremely popular, but there is also Photobucket, Picasa, and Shutterfly. I think Kodak and Snapfish were some of the first photo sharing sites.

Video Sharing
Clearly YouTube tops the list, but beneath them falls google and yahoo video, Kyte, MetaCafe, Livecast, TubeMogul, USTREAM and up and coming vimeo.

News Sharing
Newsvine, Design Float, and Sphinn are news sharing sites.

In Boxes
Some of the first social media tools fall into this category. This includes regular email such as gmail and ymail. Texting, forums and mobile messaging fall into this category as well.

Yahoo Ansr, Mahalo, GoogleAnsr and You Clue are answering tools.

All of these social media sites lead into the search cloud, which is lead by google, yahoo, msn’s Bing, Ask, and the user-generated content search engine Technorati.

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