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Temper Tantrum

Last night was hopefully one of a kind. Hubby started a new rotation and he is working in New York City. This means he leaves in the morning before everyone wakes up, and he comes home usually after the boys’ bedtime.

Gadget has not taken kindly to this and has showed his disapproval in the form of acting out. The scapegoat issue was an insufficient a bowl of dried cranberries. I put some in a bowl, and he, with full attitude demanded that more be added. Because of how he asked, I told him he could not have ANY cranberries.

This news sent him into an emotional breakdown. Tears, kicking, screaming, and irrational demands resulted in forty-minutes of stress and headache for me. By the grace of God, I read this site the previous day, and was reminded how blessed I am to have children, no matter their temperament. I was able to keep my cool and not raise my voice or change my tone even once while trying to calm Gadget.

I had never seen him this hysterical, and it tore my nurturing heart to bits to hear how much he missed daddy. We spent all summer together with the boys, and this week hubby has only seen the boys a handful of hours. Is it worth it to have two full-time working parents? There is no better substitute for mom and dad, my friend Vinny C. told me, and I agree. No private school and not even the best nanny, can do all the things a child needs from their parent.

I hope hubby and I can get through this adjustment period and still be able to give our children what they need spiritually, mentally and emotionally, and go above that and give them what the love, which is our undivided time and attention.

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