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His Canvas

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  1. Ashley says:

    Hang in there, I understand what you’re going through. My husband travels a lot, usually for 2- 3 days trips during the week and he takes one of those every 6-8 weeks, sometimes more frequently depending on the business season. I used to dread those evenings when we get home and JJ figures out Daddy isn’t there and isn’t coming home. He used to show out something terrible. One thing that really helped was to come up with a special activity that I do with him on those evenings. For us, its my exercise video or my Wii fit, lol. I know it sounds crazy, but JJ loves to get down on the floor and try to do crunches and follow the video like Mommy. Its fun, its good for me and its something he looks forward to doing with just me, which is all he’s got when Justin is away. When we get home on those nights Justin is gone, the moment we come in the door and he starts asking for him, I suggest we exercise and he’s happy. Hope that helps1

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