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I remember just after Gadget was born, I read an article in one of the pregnancy magazines (which I still faithfully read) about the top ten mistakes a parent can make. After reading them, I thought, the author was pretty shallow to call some of these things “mistakes,” because parenthood is a continual learning process, and just because you are getting to know your child and don’t know or can’t predict all of their nuances, doesn’t mean you’ve made a mistake.

The list mentioned things like “putting your baby to bed with too much clothes on,” causing them to sweat in the night. Minor stuff. But yesterday, coming home from our weekly pizza night at CPK, Gadget said, “Mommy, something’s wong.” He went on to say that he misses Calliste and ‘Rina. “Rina” is Marina Poppins, and Calliste was his weekly playdate when we lived in Harlem. Marina Poppins found a fellow nanny and her charges, and they frequently went to Morningside Park together or to each other’s house.

When hubby and I moved the family to Connecticut in June, we didn’t think to get Calliste’s phone number. We have been living here for going on five months, and Gadget has been asking for Calliste the entire time. His comment last night really tugged at my heart. If there were a list of “mistakes” I’ve made, it would definitely include not getting the contact information for one of Gadget’s best friends. What troubled me the most, was that this thought did not even cross my mind when I made the “packing to-do list” when we left the city. What kind of mom forgets about her three year-old’s best friend????

This morning when I woke up, I couldn’t start my day without trying to find this little boy for my little boy. Unfortunately, Marina Poppins no longer had Miriam’s (Calliste’s nanny) phone number. I prayed to God to help me with this last night, and this morning He told me to use the Harlem listserv I am apart of, Harlem 4 Kids. At 7:41 AM I posted a note asking if anyone knew Calliste and to pass on my contact info. At 8:51 AM an angel replied, saying that he lived in her building and that she would pass on my phone number. Oh my gosh, God works fast!!!

I was in tears over this, and I have enjoyed being candid with you about the emotions in my life. So, in that spirit, if you have any questions for me you would like me to answer, any question, email it to me at questions (at) spelhouseLove (dot) com, and I will answer them!

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2 Responses to “Any Question”

  1. thegypsymama says:

    Hi there,

    I just found your site via The Bump and think your site is so beautiful. This post really touched me because I know exactly what it’s like to have a son go through separation anxiety from friends and family that are living far away. It made me so happy to hear that your story had a happy ending. what a blessing!

  2. Thank you. I am glad God works the way He does.

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