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My heart is all choked up with gratitude to Uncle A and Aunt Nicky. Last Saturday I attended an all day MLT event in the city, while hubby stayed home to study for his series 7. A dear friend of ours, who actually video taped our wedding, has parents that live in the city as well. I don’t remember the exact details of how they came over the first time, but ever since then, Uncle A and Aunt Nicky have been like great godparents, if such a term exists.

The first time we met them, they took to Gadget and the Lion as if the boys were their own grandchildren. Since then, they have visited just to say hi and shared in the celebration for the Lion’s first birthday. Every six months they make sure the boys have Christmas gifts and birthday presents. In fact, Gadget received two years of gifts from them before they ever met. Talk about some awesomely kind people.

I asked them to babysit the boys for us, and they gleefully accepted. Can you imagine how great it feels to have people who are caring and trustworthy offer to help you out? I mean, I really, really, REALLY need all the help kind saints can offer. I am no longer too proud to accept help and guidance. When I think of the word support, I envision this couple. Everybody, you need people like them in your life.

Uncle A is full of life and DJ’s HBX Radio Monday through Friday from 7-9PM. You should listen to him! You two, thank you, thank you, thank you! You are well appreciated.

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