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29 Years

On September 15, 1980 at exactly 5:57 PM I entered this world. I came in weighing seven pounds, fourteen ounces. Well, twenty-nine years, and about one hundred and twenty more pounds later I celebrated my last “twenty-something” birthday. On Tuesday hubby called the babysitting service (for the first time. I have suggested we use them in the past, but he, not me, was weary about leaving the boys with someone new).

Our babysitter arrived early, and I got her situated with the essentials: chicken nuggets in oven, DVD in the computer and binky in the Lion’s hands. We left for dinner, and I got to choose which restaurant, out of a pre-selected bunch. I decided on Morton’s since it was close and delicious.

Hubby chose valet parking and we headed straight in. We chose an intimate booth and took our time ordering. The bread, oh the bread, was absolutely delicious. It was an onion bread, which I never thought I would have liked, but it soooo sweet. They must have poured a bowl of sugar into the mixing bowl, but it was worth it.

Next, our waiter brought us the cuts for the night and we listened intently to each meat description. He even brought out the seafood tray, and when he touched the lobster I realized it was still alive. The poor thing was probably suffocating to death. I couldn’t get over it, and had to ask our server if the lobster was going to be okay.

We selected the small cut of ribeye (well done for me), a side of mashed potatoes and butterfly lamb chops with mint jelly. My steak was charred on the outside and juicy on the inside, yet well done. In other words, it was perfect. The only other steak I have had that rivaled this steak was at St. Elmo’s steakhouse in 2005 in Indianapolis.

Dessert was on the house, and we chose the up-side-down apple pie. It has raisins baked into it which overpowered every bite, so I was not a big fan of it, but hubby devoured the entire plateful.

I don’t know how we managed to forget the camera, but between my wonderful iPhone and the photo our server snapped and printed for us, we were able to capture most of the night digitally. The photo our server took, and the experience reminded me so much of our experience at St. Elmo’s, I had to compare the picture we took over four years ago in Indy. I must say, I think we are smaller now. We were newlyweds in Indy, just twelve months into our married, I believe. I was also pregnant with Gadget in the second photo below, but I did not know it at the time.


(I don’t know where this actual photo of our trip to Indy is saved, but I was able to find it on an old version of it on our website, jolawnandkevan.com.)

Throughout the night I wondered if the boys were driving the babysitter crazy, but when we reached home, BOTH boys were sound asleep. What a relief. I don’t know how she did it, but I definitely needed to take notes! Thank you, hubby for a great birthday dinner. I enjoyed our evening, and I enjoyed that you found someone to care for our babies. It gave me peace of mind to know they had a great evening as well. Even though, I did not receive the flip camera I so desperately wanted, I think an uninterrupted night with you and my special treat was super. I love you, bub.

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