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iPhever & iSolation

My iPhone went unconscious during the month of August. One day my battery level was low, so put in on the charger, but the battery never seemed to charge. Eventually, the phone died, and I took it to the genius bar, twice. The genius bar people told me that my iPhone was not accepting electrical charge, and the only way to fix it was to replace it. While I pondered my options, I purchased a horrible pre-paid phone, which I will not even honor by mentioning its name, and thus ventured into more than thirty days of iSolation.

This iSolation started when I realized I could not easily check my email accounts (I have several accounts since I webmaster several sites, including the National Alumnae Association of Spelman College), and I did not have mobile access to facebook, as well as texting, my calendar and my to-do list app. I felt naked, disconnected, left out. Hubby even said I was mean the first week it died.

I knew it was replaceable, but I had know idea that my phone, specficially my iPhone, was so important to me. I am aware how shallow this may sound, but I realized this over the course of those thirty days, and now I am responsible. I have had to make a concerted effort not to iPhone as much. I have tried to cut out the miscellaneous facebook checkins, and refreshing my email inboxes every half an hour. Whatever it is, it can wait.

So, I finally got the 3G phone (the S was not required), and I am happy, very happy. I immediately re-downloaded my apps, but with selectivity this time. I thought I would share the top sixteen apps that made the cut the second time around.

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#1-3. Facebook, Pandora, and Tweetie

These are just standard, need I say more?

#4. Things

This is my task master keeper tracker. I put in things as I think of them, and the app has an icon badge so I feel good about checking items off, just so that I can see the badge count down.

#5. WordPress

Love this app for moderating blog comments on the go!

#6. Text+

This app has allowed me to text for free! I have even cancelled my texting plan. Obviously, its a bit more cumbersome than the iPhone messaging feature, but it’s free folks! And with push notification, my messages are displayed on the homescreen as soon as I get them, just like with regular texting.

#7. Word Warp

This was the first game that I downloaded. It’s like Yahoo’s text twist if you’re familiar.

#8. Eight Glasses a Day

I love apps with useful icon badges, so this app counts down from eight to zero, as you drink your eight glasses of water for the day. Love it.

#9. Bump

I haven’t actually tried this one yet, but I imagine it will be great when I do.

#10. Lose It!

This app helps me gauge my calorie intake. I never even paid attention to calories before this year, and this app determines where I net out after eating and exercising.

#11. Mint

I have linked ALL my financial accounts to mint.com (including student loans, 401k, everything) and it keeps tabs of my spending trends, tells me my net worth, and a bunch of other great things.

#12. USAA

This is the coolest app ever for one reason. I was able to deposit a check but simply taking a picture of it with my iPhone and clicking submit. It really was that simple. This is awesome for me because I do all my personal banking with USAA.

#13. Sit or Squat

This app is made by Charmin and tells me where the nearest family-friendly bathroom is.

#14. Period Tracker

Can you keep track of all those dates in your head? No need with this app.

#15. Lemonade Stand

This is an economics game that reminds me of decisions models with Juran, which was a good experience.

#16. Chipotle

Unfortunately, the nearest Chipotle is now 15.5 miles away from me. But when one opens up, I am there!

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