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Teaching how to Share

The boys, especially the Lion, had a hard time working in the sun without any snacks along the way. As soon as our tractor ride dumped us on the orchard, the Lion ran for the fruit scattered within his reach. The drawback was that the fallen fruit was not fresh, and most of it was already trampled upon, and revealing its juicy insides for the bees, flies and gnats to enjoy.

I kept telling the Lion to “throw it down!” and “No, Lion! We’ll eat them later!” I’m sure he was agonized by being brought to the source of food (any food really, since he loves it all dearly), and then being told ‘don’t touch.’ Finally, after filling our bushel full o’ apples, we rested at the tractor stop and munched. This was one of the best apples we’ve ever had. It was hot outside and this piece of fruit was refreshing. We were thirsty and it was juicy.

Now that the Lion’s front two teeth have emerged, I could actually hear them bite crisply into the apple. I could only manage to rinse off one apple, in between carrying the Lion, the camera bag, and our twenty-nine pound bag of apples, so the boys had to share.

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