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My Family Goals

Here they are! Hubby  hasn’t finished his yet, so I told him not to read this yet, so here goes:

Family Goals

1. Renew our vows at 25th anniversary and have an awesome reception
2. Organize a Richardson family reunion
3. Design a family coat of arms
4. Publish a family tree that can be passed down
5. Coach a team for one of my kids
6. Create trust funds for my children & grandchildren
7. Build a treehouse for my kids
8. Write letters to my family
9. Give a speech with hubby
10. Decorate our home together
11. Have a healthy daughter
12. Host our children’s college classmates for Thanksgiving
13. Reunite with estranged relatives
14. Teach our children how to golf
15. Generate enough passive income to retire at 50
16. Teach our children to be chaste but not ignorant about sexuality
17. Have children fluent in another language
18. Dialogue consistently again
19. Raise children excited about reading
20. Publish a family annual report (with balance sheets and all!)
21. Let the children manage the family budget
22. Support the Dual-Degree Engineering Program with an annual Victor scholarship
23. Create a charitable Victor Foundation
24. Buy our kids a house
25. Build a family lodge on mom’s land in GA
26. Volunteer with my children annually
27. Witness my grandchildren’s births
28. Pay for grandchildren’s college education
29. Watch hubby escort my daughter in a debutante ball
30. Invest $10k in my children’s passions
31. Complete a project adventure course as a family
32. Raise children who love Christ

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5 Responses to “My Family Goals”

  1. ScienceGal says:

    Came across you blog from black weblog awards…it’s a good read and reminds me A LOT of my husband and myself but without kids so far. We haven’t been as successful at working kids into grad school, one of our regrets so far.

    Your list is great! I like the lifetime goals and the future (grandchildren) focused ones. nice!

  2. Thank you for reading. I enjoyed exploring your blog as well.

  3. Honeysmoke says:

    have a healthy daughter? did i miss something. feverishly searching blog….

  4. LOL!!! No, you did not miss anything. These goals are very much forward looking, things I want to accomplish before I reach the end of my life. Many of the things on this list are not started, although some are in progress, having a healthy daughter is definitely a forward looking goal!

  5. Jossane Kerrice Felix says:

    You all are already celebrities so you’re well on your way to realizing all of your dreams!

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