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1 Life, 100 Goals

Shaun King, a Morehouse graduate, pastors the Courageous Church, where they are in the middle of a series called 100 Life Goals. Hubby and I listened to the podcasts and created our lists (200 goals total, but many overlap) of goals.

Every year in December I have made a list of the things I want to accomplish for the year, but they are short term goals. These 100 goals are stretch goals. Some are short term, and several are long term and may take a lifetime to complete. Setting these goals requires me to really check my motivation in a lot of areas.

Why am I doing this? Well, since faith is the evidence of things hoped for, I need to write down the things that I hope for. If I don’t have a God-ordained plan for myself, I will follow the plan my job has laid for me, or my spouse or my children have for me, and it won’t be my own plan.

Here is the criteria for my goals:

No over-spiritualized goals. I want my goals to reflect spirituality, but not spell it out. The goals should also demonstrate my discipline and stewardship, be specific, include others, bring me joy and honor God.

Here are the categories:
1) family goals
2) travel goals
3) physical goals
4) experience goals
5) influence goals

I am just putting the finishing touches on my family goals and will share them soon!

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  1. Diane Lockhart says:

    On your physical goal of going natural, your hair will love you for it. It will be healthier and you will see a substantial decrease in what you spend on hair care products. I love my locks. When I initially started, I had to have my hair cut, removing all of the processed hair (the perm), so my hair was very short, and hard to manage style wise, in the early stages, but now the length is down my back. They are beautiful, I get comments on my style and color all the time. My locks are very small in diameter, not like the traditionally larger ones which are harder to maintain. I go to the hair dresser about every three months for upkeep of my new growth. I am able to put my locks in a variety of different styles. I would never go back to perms. It’s a major style change, so it will be scary, you’ll have to go ahead and make yourself do it, just dive in and go for it. The next time you go to the hair dresser, go to a very short hair style, and then from there as you get new growth have more and more of the final perm removed until you left with all natural hair. It will be ok to start out with twisting but find someone who is familiar with “interlocking”, as your locks get longer, “interlocking” is the technique that will last longest between trips to the hairdresser. STAY AWAY FROM BEES WAX.

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