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2 Years, 2 Kids, 2 MBAs was Easy Compared to This

I’m three weeks into my new job and whenever I tell the story about how hubby and I attended business school together with two kids I have to explain that it was not so tough, because we had Marina Poppins, and she was the best ever. In the past 21 days I have become totally amazed by all working mothers. I mean, I know I worked after I returned from maternity leave in 2007, but that seems like eons, no, light years ago and our family was 25% smaller at the time. I don’t remember the pangs of dressing small bodies in the morning, or fixing breakfast, or packing lunches, or really any of it. But then again, I hardly remember how painful childbirth was.

You know on TLC, after a first-time mother sees her precious beautiful miracle for the first times she sheds tears of joy? That was not me. Of course, I selflessly, unconditionally love my children, but my first thought after I saw Gadget was ‘he’s going to be an only child.’ Because I am never ever ever eva doing that again. So, with time, memory fades, and thus, I cannot remember feeling so burdened as a working mother years ago. I do not feel the guilt that so many moms say they experience. I am overjoyed to return working. I love what I am doing and where I am so, and I would not trade that to spend all day with my sons right now.

Whoa, yes, I just said I would rather be at work than playing, cuddling and kissing my boys all day. And there is a very logical reason for that. There are many, many things that come with the blessing slash chore of being a stay at home mom. The past two years at NYU I had so much flexibility that I had the best of both worlds, and now I am slave to the ‘get-through-the-day-so-that-you-can-get-ready-for-tomorrow’ task masking.

I woke up at 5:55 and hit the snooze button one time too many. After getting showered and dressed, it was 6:50 and then it was on to the boys. I got them dressed, took Gadget to the potty, brushed his teeth, put oil on his hair, and then began all over again with the Lion. I changed it diaper, which thank God was just number 1, wait no, it was a number 2 this morning, got him dressed and then packed him in the stroller.

I put ice packs in the lunch boxes hubby packed the night before and then grabbed my laptop bag and headed for the car. It takes about 10 minutes to walk from our apartment door to the car and get both boys strapped into their carseats. We headed to daycare, and then parked and unstrapped, got the lunches and headed inside. I got the Lion and Gadget set up at a table to eat breakfast (oh yeah, I put two bananas and cinnamon raisin bagels into their bags before we left home). While they started their day off with a wholesome meal, I filled out their daily status forms, changed the sheet in the Lion’s crib and then initialed the sign in sheet.

By now it’s 8:10 and traffic on the Merritt is thicker than I would like. At 5:03 PM I head back to the car to do the reverse of everything I did this morning, except it’s the Thursday before Labor day, so traffic is really bad, and I’m not going to be there by 6, so I exit off the Merritt to trek through the back roads of North Stamford to make it to the daycare by 5:48. We get home (after a car ride full of questions about where’s daddy and where’s Traci), and daddy’s home! Woohoo! He fixes dinner while I finish a sell deck for work, and then I feed the Lion some spaghetti (with jerk – it was nasty, don’t do it). I put on a movie for Gadget and then head downstairs to exercise because I have not felt sweat drip down my face in the past seven days. And now I’m writing this post and it’s 10:34. I still have to shower and put up the dirty dishes. So what didn’t get done today? No one bathed the boys, but we did lay out their clothes for the week on Sunday.

And I will repeat this routine tomorrow.

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4 Responses to “2 Years, 2 Kids, 2 MBAs was Easy Compared to This”

  1. Dee says:

    I’m exhausted reading that! We start our three kid/two full time WOH parents juggle next week. *gulp*

  2. Congratulations on your number four!

  3. nikia says:


    Every time I read one of your blogs. I am truly inspired. I have been a working mom for three years now. I love what I do, but I come up with excuses not to do more. Having a 3 (soon to be 4) year old, hubby, full time job and dissertation I sometimes feel like that is all (sometimes more) than I can handle. I am reminded that you (and countless others) are doing it…….and doing it WELL! Thanks for the boost of confidence!

  4. Natasha says:

    It does get better is what people tell me lol. My girls are still little too so I wouldn’t know for myself yet. I know sometimes you feel like you are drowning but you are truly a role model and an inspiration for any woman let alone young black women. I like what nikia said: “You are doing it and doing it well!”

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