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Is Their Dad White?

A few years ago, I took Gadget to a MLT info session in New York. Hubby came when he got off work to look after Gadget as I served on a volunteer panel. As the Citi staff were setting up the venue, two women asked me if Gadget’s dad was white. I said no, and then they asked me if his father was Indian. To that question I said no as well, and added that he was black to stop them from continuing down the cultural list. This was a first for me. I have always realized that Gadget’s skin complexion and hair texture appear as though he is multicultural, but I didn’t realize that for the rest of his life when some people look at him they may ask, ‘What is he?’ To some people it is very important to racially determine which bucket a person fits into.

Nevertheless, my sons have a very different hair texture than mine, and I able to simply wet it, apply oil and go. We use proclaim hair oil in their hair and it has worked for both of them since birth.

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