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Another Wedding

On Friday a dear friend came into town to attend a Stern classmate’s wedding. Hubby and I found a babysitter, and left the boys for ten hours to drive down to New Jersey to celebrate another blessed union. On the way there we experienced stop and go traffic and decided to try out our internal compasses.

We ended up in an exclusive neighborhood in Rye, New York. Hubby pulled over to regroup and figure out how to get back to the interstate, and a car pulled up in front us and rolled down the window. The driver told us that we were parked on some grass that his neighbor had just planted and for us to get off of it. This was such as a lie, as the grass was worn, dry and missing patches. Most importantly, it was not anybody’s yard.

Hubby asked him the route back to 95 South, which he gladly told us. I wanted to tell HIM where he could go, but figured it was not the best place for that. We arrived slightly late for the ceremony. It was just in time to blow bubbles on the couple as they exited the church. The reception, however, was absolutely gorgeous. The photo of the bride captures the atmosphere at the wedding. I heard they were even giggling during their vows.

The food during the cocktail hour was scrumptious. Hubby had four lamb chops, and I savored on the crab and sliders. The view from the reception hall included a small waterfall and fresh landscaping. We took advantage of the opportunity and snapped some photos together.

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  1. Just beautiful!

    (Sorry about the ignorance in Rye. They roll like that.)

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