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Our Picky Eater

Yesterday, for dinner we fixed lentils and brown rice. Somehow, hubby convinced Gadget to take a bite. I have NEVER seen Gadget try new foods as healthy as lentils, so I was amazed to see his mouth full with peas. The Lion finished his lentils and we got him dressed and into the stroller for our evening walk.

Gadget’s cheek’s were rounded by the rice and lentils resting inside his mouth cavity. He put his shoes on and he climbed into the stroller.

Us: Gadget, are you done yet?
Gadget: Uh-unh

We walked to the library and returned some videos and I checked out a book about writing a business plan and Pearl Cleage’s latest novel.

Us: Gadget, are you done yet?
Gadget: Uh-unh

We then headed over to the mall to have hubby’s iPhone checked out at the genius bar.

Us: Gadget, are you done yet?
Gadget: Uh-unh

Us: Gadget, you still haven’t swallowed the food? You know, the longer you keep it in your mouth, the longer you taste it?
Gadget: {silence}

On the way home we stopped in Target to pick up some snacks for the next day.

Gadget: I’m done!

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