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Gadget’s Birthstory

I was conceived on Thanksgiving, which is quite fitting because my mom and dad were very thankful for the blessing I became. They found out I was in the making during their honeymoon to the Poconos on their one year wedding anniversary. Mom and Dad were thrilled. They began sharing the news in January and haven’t stopped since then.

My parents read this book by Jackie Mize called “Supernatural Childbirth.” They prayed that I would be a healthy, baby boy who grew to be full term in the womb and was delivered by a quick and painless delivery. My mom really wanted to have me without an epidural, and she believed she could. My dad stood in agreement with her, and they submitted this, and all their other requests about me to God.

I nested in the cradle of my mom’s body for thirty eight weeks until I decided I was good and ready to come out. Mom was in the ladies room at work when her water broke around 2:15 PM on August 1, 2006. Of course, she wasn’t sure what was going on at first, and she immediately called Dad to ask what she should do.

Dad prompted her to call the doctor. Mom was excited and nervous. She phoned the doctor and when prompted, she pressed #1 on the keypad for patients in labor. She scheduled a 4 PM appointment for an examination, and then called Daddy back. He said he would get to us as quickly as he possibly could. Dad was coming all the way from New York where he works so Mom called Grace, her friend and co-worker, to ask for a ride to the doctor.

Grace and Mommy waterproofed the passenger seat with plastics bags, and then started the fifty mile journey to the doctor’s office. Mommy said she only felt one contraction during the car ride. At the OB-GYN, the doctor examined Mom and confirmed her water had broken. Unfortunately, she was not dilated at all, so the doctor sent her to the hospital to be induced. The hospital, Virtua Voorhees, was right across the street from the OB-GYN, so Grace dropped Mom off at the Emergency entrance and went to park. Mom didn’t want a wheel chair so she walked up to the labor and delivery ward to check herself in.

Mommy had not planned for my labor to start this way. She couldn’t believe my birthday was right around the corner. She didn’t have her hospital bag, the nursery wasn’t finished, and Daddy was somewhere between Manhattan and South Jersey.

Daddy finally arrived at the hospital, and Mommy was so relieved. The doctor gave Mom a suppository to soften her cervix. That night Dad slept on the couch in Mom’s hospital room. Mom had contractions throughout the night, but I was still pretty comfortable, and I was not quite ready to come out yet.

Dad went home again around 9 AM to shower, change and let my doggie out to stretch his legs. During the time Dad was away, Mom’s contractions got pretty strong. The nurse suggested a “lil’ something to take the edge off.” Mom pondered getting some relief, and when Dad returned Mom gladly let the nurse administer the medicine.

The drug was barely in the IV before Mom felt the effects. Her speech was definitely slurred, and she could barely stay awake, but her contractions were much more manageable. As lunch time approached, so did my birth time. Mom was eight centimeters dilated and I was getting ready to make an appearance.

With each contraction Mom’s body was ready to push me out. The doctor checked Mom again and she was nine and a half centimeters dilated but the doctor wanted her to wait until she was the full ten centimeters. The contractions were still coming pretty intensely, and Mom could not help but begin pushing. A different nurse happened to check Mom’s monitor readings and realized I was ready to come out. She promptly got the doctor.

Mom doesn’t remember all the details of what happened next. She recalls the doctor getting set up, Dad and the new nurse helping and supporting her, and asking the doctor for instructions. The doctor told her she could push, and that’s exactly what she did with all her might. Three very loud pushes later my world was turned up-side down, literally, and I was born at 12:38 PM. Dad proudly cut the umbilical cord. The doctor placed me on Mom’s chest and told Mom to open her eyes. My Mom looked gorgeous for someone who just went through labor and delivery.

The whole event was a bit startling, so I held my breath while making my entrance. I guess I held my breath for too long, because the nurse put an oxygen mask over my face after rubbing me down with a towel several times. Of course, I didn’t know what the mask was for, so the next thing I knew about ten ICU nurses appeared to help me take my first breath.

I soon figured out how to work my lungs, and the nurses finished cleaning me up and handed me back to Mom. Whew! What a day! I was finally back in something warm and soft, and fell asleep in my Mommy’s arms.

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