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127 Pounds

After two pregnancies, I am glad to say I am finally getting healthy. I think I gained around 27 or so pounds with Gadget, and something similar with the Lion. Most of the weight vanished through breastfeeding, but it definitely redistributed differently.

I am currently motivated to lose weight by my appearance in clothes. I have an expectation of how I will look, and I am disappointed by my reflection, but I am empowered to know that I am changing that. This summer has been awesome for me. I have been burning between 300-500 calories daily on the stairmaster. I have lost 11 pounds since January 1, when I began my weight loss quest with the help of my Wii Fit.

Exercise was not enough to make these changes. I have had to change what I put into my body (although Hubby would say I have more changes to make). I eat oatmeal every morning with strawberries or granola on top. I am chidded for the dollop of whipped cream that I add.  My favorite lunch has become grilled flank steak with onions, green and chile peppers, marinated in a honey-teriyaki sauce, over brown rice. I enjoy most of my meals with water, or my new favorite drink, zero-calorie, did you catch that, ZERO-CALORIE lifewater made by Pepsi.

My goal now is to firm my abs, which have been stretched beyond recognition. I have taken one Pilates class which gave great instruction, but practice makes perfect. I am going to resume Pilates after I start working since I hear I can take a class during lunch at my new job.

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