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Sprinkled with Granola

I just took the How Crunchy Are You? quiz, and scored a 36 (out of a possible 225). Some of the questions asked me about things I would NEVER consider. And some my answers that gained me points, I don’t think twice about. I am sure I added some crunch for exclusively breastfeeding, trying to eat natural and thinking about doing a lot of things, like having a home birth, but I would NEVER homeschool or practice child-led weaning, even if it meant the child breastfeed for YEARS. This means your next child could already be on the way, and then you would be doing what is called tandem breastfeeding, or nursing while pregnant.

I guess the only reason I am so vehemently against some of this crunchiness, is because I have been a working mother. I took five months off with my first child, and then worked for six months while Gadget was in daycare. Next week, we will enroll both boys in daycare when we begin our fulltime jobs, so this whole nursing-for-years thing becomes almost impossible for WOHMs (you like my new term for working out of the home moms?).

Ultimately, I am fine with being sprinkled with granola, because that is how I like my oatmeal some mornings. Btw, the BEST granola EVER is Honey with Almonds made by The Baker brand.

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2 Responses to “Sprinkled with Granola”

  1. I am a WOHM and I am still nursing a toddler (my son is 2). I am practicing child-led weaning. I am not sure how long you nursed your kids for, but nursing a toddler is not anything like nursing a newborn. My son nurses twice a day during the work-week (first thing when we wake up and before he goes to bed). On the weekends he does nurse more frequently since we lay down together for naps, but even still it’s only 3-5 times and each time is for less than 5 minutes. It’s all very doable.

  2. Hey, thanks for sharing. I’m not really trying to breastfeed until two. Actually, it’s not an option since everyone has been weaned. I’m in the process of launching a new breastfeeding website and would love to link your blog to it!

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