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3 Business School Regrets

When asked for advice about business school, or what I would have done differently, I usually suggest writing a list of all the goals you want to accomplish in business school. The list can contain classes to take, specific countries to visit or skills to acquire. My list included taking an accounting class, writing a business plan, learning more about politics and its effects on business, a leadership development class, a business law class, a real estate class, and learning how to code in flash.

I was able to cross off almost everything on my list, with the exception of learning flash (I could not cross-register at Tisch because the class was full), which I do not regret not doing because I tried REALLY HARD to get into the class.

I did not however, (1) take Foundations of Entrepreneurship, which would have required me to write a business plan, and give me the appropriate class mix for an entrepreneurship specialization. (2) Write a student convocation speech. I meet with our dean, Gary, and he said that the speech should embody the Stern experience. I let these words discourage me a little bit, because my experience as a student-parent was vastly different than the typical student’s. I did not attend Spring Fling, or the Charity ball, or every Beer Blast, so I thought because I’d missed out on a lot of the social aspects, that I couldn’t fully represent the Stern experience. And (3) I did not apply to MAIP (the Multicultural Advertising Internship Program). I have always wanted to work in a creative, intense, entrepreneurial environment, and working for an ad firm would have embodied that. Especially, since I will work for a major food and beverage company starting next month, I wanted to gain client side experience. I also wanted to see what the interactive department looked like from within.

The great thing is that I can still accomplish some of these goals. I may just write the speech for the sake of it. And I will definitely finish my business plan. I am not sure if I’ll ever gain ad agency work experience. This summer would have been the perfect time for an internship. If you are reading this and considering b-school or are a current student, write down your goals and put in a great effort to check them off your list!

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