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Vacation Bible School

Tonight Gadget and I attended Vacation Bible School. Now, it has been YEARS since I attended VBS. It definitely had to have been in the 80s. This was a special event for me, to see my son in front of a church body presenting. As a young girl, I gained confidence from the many activities the black church promotes. I probably gave my first public speech in the church, and had a loving audience to affirm and celebrate my accomplishments. Thus, it was like coming full circle seeing my offspring stand in front of Christians and tell about the goodness of God.

I sat in the “Progressive Adults” class (a respectful term for young adults). We studied the scripture Luke 5: 18-26, and conversed about forgiveness and deliverance. Whoa! It was deep. Our teacher was awesome, and was well versed in life and scripture. He shared personal anecdotes that were grounded in scripture. He spoke about how when we forgive, we open up the doors and release for God to deliver us. He asked us to think if there was anything that we wanted or needed, and if it was related to someone whom we haven’t forgiven. I immediately knew who I needed to forgive.  The problem is my flesh… I think the enemy wants me to doubt that I can actually forgive for real, from my heart, and just blot it out as if it never existed. I believe I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Vacation Bible School was refreshing. I knew I wanted to spend my time off this summer engrossed in somebody’s church, and I am glad I am finally where I need to be.

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