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Moving was more painful than having Gadget

Today we rented a u-haul truck from a seedy lot on 126th Street. That’s in Harlem for those of you not familiar with the isle of Manhattan. I woke up at 2:15 am to the sound of the Lion crying. I gave him his binky and he laid back down, and that was when I realized I had put Gadget to bed without a diaper on.

Now, I would definitely say that two majorly cool things have taken place in the past ten days or so. The first, is that the Lion is walking, and the second, is that gadget is potty trained. Now you must know that potty training comes with some parental inconveniences, such as waking two or three times a night to put your toddler on the toilet so they do not soil the mattress. Hubby and I are NOT practicing this approach. Rather, we just slap on a diaper at 8pm and tell gadget see you in the morning. However, last night in my packing daze of exhaustion, I forgot to put his size 5 pamper on, and at 2:15 I cringed as I touched his Batman and Robin underwear and felt cool wetness.

I then had to remove the sheets and protective covering to check the mattress, which OF COURSE was damp with urine. I easily found the Dreft spray in the unsealed box of cleaning supplies. I made a makeshift bed for Gadget and fixed the Lion a four ounce bottle of whole milk.

At around 2:44 I made my way back into the bed, loudly exaggerating all my movements with the hope of stirring hubby from his peaceful sleep. At 6:44 I got up to finish packing the boys’ room. When 8:30 rolled around I walked the 11 blocks to the u-haul lot to pick up our 17-foot truck.

The truck was making a tired sound like my last bowl of Haagen Daz Butter Pecan had sent it over the weight limit, so I thought the truck’s emergency brake was engaged, and in the process of trying to release what was a not-engaged-emergency brake, I kinda stalled in the middle of the street for a few minutes while cars honked behind me. I end up calling hubby and u-haul to help me find the release, which was right under the flashing red LED that said “E-BRAKE RELEASE.”

When I got home the world’s greatest helpers were there, in the form of my husband’s college friends and roommates, Alvin and Akil. My morning prayer for a safe and quick move was answered in the form of a legal parking space on our building’s corner intersection.

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