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Eli Arlen Joseph

I’m renaming my website development company after the boys. The new name is Eli Arlen Joseph, named after Gadget and the Lion’s middle names. I’m so excited about starting the company in Connecticut, because then I can take advantage of local small business support, such as CT Innovations, which provides funding opportunities for technology entrepreneurs.

I have several ideas for some websites that I think would either be great philanthropic sites and possible revenue generators, but I need some cash in order to make it happen. Thus, I am writing my first official business plan. I started by doing industry research, and now I have a ton of industry publications to shift through in order to find out the size, growth, segmentation and trends in the website development industry.

I’m super excited about the potential growth of my company. I just need some time to sit down and make it all happen. I’m also on the look out for a mentor and a business accountant, so if you fit either of those categories email me!

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Hi. I live in North Texas with God, my man, my boys, and a sweet baby girl.
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