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Fellowship with Couples

This weekend Antisha and Lonzo visited. We hung out at the park while the boys played, and the Terry’s shared the details of their support system in California. Antisha explain that they attend a couples ministry that has a diversity of ages and marriage experience. They also distribute a form that asks what expecting couples need, etc. I thought this was so great. I definitely needed all the support I could get just after giving birth.

I am going to look for a ministry like this in CT. Oh, did I mention? We’re moving to Stamford, CT next month! Hubby starts his job August 31 and I start August 17, so we’re transitioning even further north next month.

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  1. tre says:

    Hello. Your blog is awesome. If you are looking for a church in CT, you could check out this church. http://www.sctcoc.org/ . If you are looking for support you will find it there. Thanks!!

  2. Thanks, Tre. I will check out the link and let you know if we make it there.

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