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#1. Hire a Nanny

This was my first piece of advice to my friend. Somehow the Lord blessed hubby and I enough to find our wonderful nanny, Marina. She loves the boys, cares for them, bathes them, cooks for them, does their laundry, cleans their room, packs for them when we go out of town, and cleans the kitchen on a daily basis.

I can honestly say without a shadow of a doubt that there is no way hubby and I would have made it through two years of business school with two kids without her. She comes Monday through Thursday, and some Fridays from 9-6.

There are many pros to having this wonderful woman in our life, and I will blog about the cons at a later date (which fuel the need for I Saw Your Nanny.Com, but that’s a whole ‘nother topic). She provides us so much flexibility. I can wake up, let her in when she arrives, and then go back to my bed, study or leave for school. When I working and Gadget was in daycare, my morning schedule was consumed with feeding, dressing and preparing bottles/food for Gadget’s day at daycare.

I used to hate preparing Gadget’s bottles for daycare. I would always forget at night, and then have to use the bottle brush to scrub four bottles, while my carpool ride was waiting in the driveway. My least favorite activity was changing the explosion diaper after spending ten minutes dressing Gadget.

I don’t have to commute with my babies anywhere, and they don’t have to set foot outside if the weather is bad. My children are so much more healthy. When Gadget was in daycare he had a runny nose the entire six months, and one double ear infection (even though he was breastfeed for nine months). I don’t have to worry about my children bringing home the latest communicable disease floating through the infant or toddler room at Kindercare.

Of course, in many situations a nanny is prohibitively expensive, so if it’s not in the budget it cannot be done. This is why we were so incredibly blessed to work out a pricing arrangement that we could afford.

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