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Kev’s 29th

Today is my love’s birthday (well, by the time it posted, now it’s tomorrow). We didn’t have much of a celebration because I had class, a job interview, and then class again until 9PM. We did, however, get to spend about five minutes together at school in his school newspaper office.

I enjoy my little arts and crafts projects, so I made decorations listing 29 wonderful reasons to love my husband, and here they are:

1. He’s a man of God

2. He’s patient

3. He’s my favorite chef

4. Gadget loves him

5. and the Lion does, too!

6. He has sexy thighs…

7. …and kisses…

8. …and the sweetest voice

9. He values education

10. He’s proud to be a brotha

11. He’s a Christian

12. He prays for me

13. He’s adventurous

14. He’s so intelligent

15. He’s got street smarts

16. He loves his mother

17. He’s a great public speaker

18. He’s an excellent father

19. He’s not too bad at diaper duty

20. He smells sooooo good

21. He knows how to praise God

22. He brings a totally different perspective on life

23. My dad loves him

24. He loves the Lord

25. My fingers love to run through his hair

26. He’s truthful

27. He can pick the best hallmark card

28. He’s ambitious

29. He flew to Minnesota to sleep on the floor, next to my bed when I had surgery in 2003 …because he’s supportive

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