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Mommy and Daddy

I am very glad to announce that hubby has accepted his post-MBA full-time job offer. That is a great feeling for me, because now I can narrow my job search to a particular geographic region. Last Thursday I had a mock interview at Stern’s office of career development. Normally, I would have looked forward to the experience, but this time around I was dreading the exchange. For the first time in my life I don’t have a plan. I have always had a plan, and executed it to a tee, but not getting a full-time offer from Kraft (because Boots came early) was not part of my plan, and now I am starting from scratch.

I am recruiting for the Marketing function, but I have opened up my industry search to include a wide sector of job opportunities. I am looking at consumer packaged goods, financial services and advertising industries. I don’t want to be pulled too thin in my research process, but I honestly don’t know what I really want right now. It’s frustrating and uncomfortable. I am confident that wherever I end up is where I am supposed to be, but the process is so foreign to me.

This experience is more different than ever before because the fundamental of America’s economy are NOT strong. In addition to that, I have two mouths who expect shelter, warmth, love and ever-increasingly-priced food. My heart goes out to all the AIG and Lehman employees who have lost their jobs, their financial security, and control over so many factors in their life. I am blessed by God to be where I am financially, and I do not take it for granted.

Hopefully, as I inspect myself, my motivations, goals, passions and desires and values, I will find clarity as I seek what is the right job for me. Hubby and I have two very important titles which carry so much weight with them. Being Gadget and Boot’s mommy and daddy mean that we fulfill their many unstated expectations daily. I hope that Hubby and I are blessed to be able exceed their fundamental needs, and one day spoil them culturally because of our financial state. I hope to take our sons to foreign places, and meet diplomats, and eat different cuisine and expand their global perspectives… Stay tuned…

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