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Two Faiths, One Prayer

On Sunday hubby and I attended church with the boys. We went to the Church of Notre Dame, which is a predominantly white church on Columbia’s campus. It is very close to our house, and we frequently walk home from church.

Hubby was raised Catholic, and I, Baptist. I was never attached to a specific denomination within Christianity, so when I entered College, I began attending New Life International Family Church, now in Lithonia, GA, which is non-denominational (but feels more Pentecostal!). I was introduced to the church through the Atlanta University Center Gospel Choir, also called New Life. In March of 2000, I attended a spring break gospel tour with the choir, and re-dedicated my life to Christ (I did initially when I was eight, but never really walked the walk).

After I returned from the tour, I had a passion for Christ that I had never known. I joined the New Life (the church), and was a faithful member until I moved away from Atlanta after graduation in 2004. Hubby and I married in December of 2004, and moved to Mount Laurel, NJ. There, we attented The Catholic Church of St. Mary’s in Cherry Hill, NJ. It was a wonderful congregation (or parrish, as they call it).

So, now we attend Notre Dame in Harlem, as well as All Saints, which has an excellent music ministry. We decided to raise our children Catholic, so we all attend church together. It has been a challenge bringing two faiths together, but it can be done.

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  1. Petra says:

    This is quite interesting. Although I feel like I am eavesdropping on someone’s private life I also feel like I am being privileged to witnessing the continuation of a three generational quilt. When I read the blog and see you, K and the kids I scan the quilt for a memory of K at his gdpts home (the beginning of the design) and then I see a new design, new stitches and a new – just as beautiful pattern being created. It was nice to meet you and Amari during your last visit to T&T. Hope I get to meet Joshua soon. Congratulations to you and Kevon.

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