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Reflections on Motherhood

  • I can no longer shower by myself when I’m home alone with the kids. One, or both children are in the bathroom with me. I now look forward to being the only person in the bathroom, which I took for granted the first 26 years of my life.
  • My favorite iPhone application is Things. It’s a productivity app, and I love that it has an icon badge so I always know how many tasks I have left to do for the day.
  • I am totally into Kate Spade, and my newest obsession is her green laptop bag. When Gadget was born I bought her diaper bag (shown above), but hubby made me return it because it was $500 and I was on unpaid maternity leave.
  • I use Proclaim Hair Oil on Gadget’s hair. It works great on curly hair. I started using it on my hair, and then hubby started using it, and now I started using it on the Lion. I thought maybe there was a better product out there, so I tried Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk, but hubby said it smelt like mosquito repellent. I have found some of her products to be excellent, including the Tui Hair Oil and the Mimosa Hair Honey, though.
  • I have started researching Manhattan preschools for Gadget. I ordered the book City Baby and The Manhattan Direcotry of Private Nursey Schools from Amazon. Can you believe I have to start applying for Admission now??!!!
  • Intimacy is the best lingerie store!!! They altered my favorite bra into a nursing bra for free.
  • I started exercising this time ’round. I didn’t exercise at all after having Gadget, but apparently the fat just wants to linger a little too long this time. I do 30 minutes on the elliptical, but I am inspired by Jessica Alba’s post-baby weight loss plan: ”
    While we all know celebrities have the time and money it takes to get in shape fast, Jessica’s diet is quite easy to follow. The actress has a protein-packed breakfast that can include oatmeal, turkey bacon or egg whites; a lunch of fish and salad; and a dinner of chicken breast with brown rice. In between meals, she snacks on fruit, almonds or cheese. The meal plan is reasonable, considering Ramona says that “Jessica has always preferred healthy food.”

    In terms of workouts, Jessica returned to the gym three weeks after giving birth, starting off simply with 25 minutes of crunches or other core exercises. Eventually, she added 20 minutes of cardio and 15 minutes of chest presses and lunges to her routine, and now hits the gym for an hour six days a week, combining all three types of workouts.

    Jessica, who gained 35 pounds during her pregnancy, has so far lost 25, thanks in part to nursing — “I lost the tummy just breastfeeding” — and is hiking and boxing in her free time to help melt off the final 10. “She always gives me 100 percent,” Ramona says. “And her body shows it.”

  • My favorite nursing wrap is The Mommy Cover. It’s a tad expensive, but it’s stylish, washable, and hooks to close.
  • My fav bathroom cleaner is Shaklee’s Scour Off Heavy Duty Paste. It was featured on Oprah one day, so I ordered some. Hubby thinks it smells like bubble gum, which is much better than the caustic smelling chemicals in the stuff we used to use.
  • When we’re out and about, folks ask us where we got the kids’ stroller. It’s a Kolcraft tandem buggy, and the seats can face any direction, oh, it was only $199, compared to the $700 Phil and Ted’s everyone else buys.

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5 Responses to “Reflections on Motherhood”

  1. Shaun King says:


    Enjoying your blog. We’re going to check out Proclaim Hair oil for the kids. Hope you and the crew are doing well.

    -Shaun & Fam

  2. Sharonda says:


    I’m a Spelmanite c/o 2006 and I love your blog! You have a beautiful family. I am definitely going to try some of the products that you have mentioned.

  3. spelhouseLove admin says:

    Hi Sharonda,

    Thank you so much for reading. My blog was dormant for a while there, but I’m back again, trying to write daily now. I hope you continue visit the site.


  4. I’m totally going to check out that “THINGS” app for my phone… sometimes you just need the reward of seeing something “checked off”—makes you feel like you accomplished something.

  5. Yes! Exactly. Another app that has a badge on it that I like is called 8 glasses, I believe. Everytime you drink a glass of water, your icon badge counts down. I have drunk so much more with the help of this app!

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